We are the first and only dress shoe brand providing a bespoke fit instead of using shoe sizes


Measuring of your feet with the help of our smartphone app in the comfort of your own home within 5 minutes.


Design your shoes in our 3D configurator and create a one of a kind pair that’s as unique as you are.

Go Bespoke

Your pair of bespoke shoes is delivered straight to your doorstep. Just what you want, exactly what you need.

Proprietary 3D technology allows us to mass-produce bespoke shoes at the production cost of conventional dress shoes

Mobile 3D Scanning

The ML-powered MODUM app allows users to scan their feet.

Automated Design

Fully automated data processing, ready for production in minutes.

3D Printing

The shoe last is 3D printed on standard 3D-printers.

Industrial Production

Standard massproduction processes can be used at lot size one.

Get your perfect pair of dress shoes

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The project "Online Made-to-measure Shoe" is funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy and the European Social Fund as part of the EXIST programme.