Modum combining modern technology and traditional craftsmanship

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of bespoke shoes?...

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Interview with Louis Lampertsdörfer

We sat down with Louis Lampertsdoerfer to discuss his personal journey into shoemaking...

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Company Update #1 – June 2021

Maybe some of you can remember my survey about the idea of mass-producing bespoke shoes...

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A man sitting on the bench wearing a suit and brown dress shoes holding a phone

The Shoe Cabinet of Chuck Bass

What is the first thing getting in your mind when you hear the name ‘Chuck Bass’? Most of you, me…

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How Fast Fashion is Destroying the Planet

In the fashion marketplace, the retailers are taking every possible means to increase sales, and…

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A Woman walking down the street in autumn wearing black cap toe derbies

The Ultimate Women’s Dress Shoe Guide

When you hear dress shoes, you automatically think of a well-dressed man in a suit and accurate…

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