Modum combining traditional craftsmanship and modern technology

Sandra-Mariia RomaniukBy Sandra-Mariia RomaniukDecember 13, 2021

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of bespoke shoes? 

A shoemaker measuring your feet with his tape? A shoe last patiently craved with his hands? What if we would add a little technology to it? 

Modum and our goal

Modum is the world’s first shoe brand combining both.

The motive behind is quite simple: we want to make bespoke shoes accessible and affordable to more people. The bespoke fashion itself is something that inspired us from the beginning on. We believe that having bespoke shoes is like having a friend for life. They are completely unique and add your individual touch to every outfit you wear. 

Unfortunately, not everyone can afford custom made bespoke shoes and we, as shoe lovers ourselves decided to make this possible. 

Our brand took the traditional craftsmanship and added the technology where it is necessary.

The story began as the two co-founders of Modum Philipp and Milad went shopping for goodyear-welted shoes.They were searching for a perfect fit, but not every pair was fitting right. After a long search a mean salesman told them “If you want the perfect fit, order bespoke shoes”. After realising how expensive bespoke shoes are Philipp and Milad started searching for solutions on how to make them more affordable and accessible. The goal was to find the right balance between the existing shoe-making methods and the technical innovations that will simplify the craftsmans work. Optimizing the work was a great decision. Bespoke shoes can now be produced industrially, we make them almost wasteless and really precise. One of the differences from other bespoke makers is also the fact, that we don´t have a walk-in store and the whole order process is made remote. 


Collaboration with craftsman

One of the fundamental steps we made, to get the production started, was going back to the roots of shoe-making.

We adore bespoke shoe-makers and to begin our journey we decided to learn from them.

Our team visited some of the craftsmen to learn every step of the traditional way of making shoes.

At the factories the workers explained to us all their requirements and the issues of shoe-making. They showed us all around their factories and we had the opportunity to “walk a day in their shoes”. 

Modum thought of a technical solution on how to optimize the shoe-making process by presetting the machines and programming. 

Now customers can order their high-quality bespoke shoes in a few clicks and get them within only a few weeks. 

The challenges that craftsmen had before were solved by our workers by programming the database for the machines.

As a result, the craftsmen have less trouble setting up the machines manually while producing the shoes. 

Some great examples are cutting out the shoe patterns and lasting the shoe lasts. The measurements are now all set up and craftsmen are controlling the process. 

Cutting out the parts without any defects can be really challenging for the hardworking shoe-makers. The machine cuts it very precisely, but experienced craftsmen still are helping the process by nesting it. A person always stays beside the machine the whole time and coordinates the mouse on the piece of leather. 

Thanks to our workers, the wastage is optimized and the leather is cutted out only where none of the defects are, but in an easier way for the factory.

The toe lasting process is quite a challenge for shoemakers too. The shoe upper has to be pulled over the last without any remaining air or screwing the leather. That is why we provided pre-settings for the factory and the machines. They prevent the damage by pulling the leather exactly the way it is required.

No matter how far our optimization has led us, we work hand in hand with the factory´s craftsmen till this day. The development of accessible and custom made shoes is the main goal that we have always followed.

We love the fact that despite the automation, people still have a huge impact on the production. 

The Modum´s way of making shoes


What’s so special about the shoes we, as a bespoke brand, make? They are all designed from scratch and based on a digital scan of the customers’ feet.

The precise scans of the feet each individually are sent to the factory where the shoe lasts are made. They  turn out just like an exact copy of the customer´s feet. The patterns are based on the choice of design made by them in our online configurator. Our customers have an excellent choice of colors and shapes, they also are able to choose the type of outsoles . 

Our programmers are always working on new updates and the configurator will surely expand soon.

The customer´s choices are sent to the factory according to the presettings from the configurator. 


We believe that Modum is the brand that optimized the shoe-making process to a perfect balance of craftsmanship and technology.