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Toe Style

The toe style is perhaps the most important aesthetic part on a shoe.


This toe style is shaped like the narrower end of the nut it is named after. It’s considered as the golden mean by providing a bit of foot elongation but is not at all extreme. Elegant and also with an edge of dandy style.


The narrowest and most acute toe shape. The toe tapers sharply towards the end and has a round, narrow toe. It adds instant glamour to any outfit. The narrowness of the toe box adds a delicate and elegant finish to your look.


Refine the style of your dress shoes by choosing your favorite pattern.

Cap Toe

The style, unsurprisingly, gets its name from its construction, which sees an additional piece of leather stitched over the toe. The cap toe is to business attire what the plain toe is to eveningwear. Works perfectly with formal and casuals styles

Plain Toe

Undoubtedly the cleanest and most elegant, the plain toe is therefore also the most formal. The go-to choice for black tie, it’s characterised by a lack of detail, giving it a sleek profile that extends the appearance of trousers


Choose your favorite outsole option to keep your feet always on the ground.


Classic leather outsole from the famous JR Rendenbach tannery. Using the traditional oak-bark tanning method for more then 140 years, these are considered to be the best leather outsoles in the world because of their high density and longevity.

Plain Toe

Additional rubber protection sole on top of the classic, oak-bark tanned JR Rendenbach leather outsole. Since the rubber is embedded flush in the outsole, it provides extra grip without compromising the look and comfort of your shoes.


Choose the color that takes a shine on you out of our box calf leather collection. All leathers are sourced from the renowned Weinheimer tannery, which only uses calf skin from the alpine region.


Black is probally the most formal but also a very versatile choice. You can’t go wrong with this. It works perfectly with black and grey outfits.

Dark Brown

Offers a similar formality as black but with a superior style. Dark brown develops a beautiful patina over time that lends richness and character.

Navy Blue

While navy might be a little uncommon, it’s incredibly stylish if you can work it right. Matches best with blue, white and brown trousers.

Middle Brown

In case you have troubles deciding between our different shades of brown, this one is your sweet spot. It can be worn with almost anything.

Light Brown

The nice neutral shade of light brown works perfectly for both, formal and casual outfits. This is probably the best match for blue jeans.


This red-brown shade is by far the most versatile color. It harmonizes with nearly any color and is the perfect choice for more casual outfits, too.

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