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Our App works with any smartphone that has a camera. You can easily download the app by clicking on the logos below.

Step-by-Step Tutorial


Do you have problems with scanning your feet? From our experience, this is most probably related to any of this issues:

  • The sheet of paper you are using has wrinkles or color strains.
  • The floor is too soft (e. g. carpets) or has a strong pattern
  • The room you are taking the pictures is too dark
  • The flashlight or lense of your smartphone is covered by something (e. g. a case or your finger)
  • You have locked the screen rotation
  • You moved too much between the single pictures
  • The camera is too far away from the sheet of paper. Try to get as close as possible (all corners and your foot needs to be in the picture of course)
  • You have plaster or a bandage on your foot