Get the Scan App

Our App works with any smartphone that has a camera. You can easily download the app by clicking on the logos below.

1. Preparation

  • In order to scan your feet, you need a smartphone with our 3D foot scan app and a blank sheet of paper (A4 or US-Letter)
  • The photos must be taken in a bright area. In addition, the background must be suitable. Hard floors without patterns are particularly suitable for this
  • We recommend having the photos taken by another person

2. Scan

  • To create a 3D scan of your feet, you need to photograph each from three different views (top view, inner view, outer view)
  • The sheet of paper on which the foot is placed serves as a reference and allows us to calculate the required dimensions.
  • The app has an integrated tutorial that will guide you through each step

3. Access Scan Codes

  • After taking all required pictures (six in total), you will be directed to the app’s main menu
  • From there you can access all your previous scans by hitting the ‘My Scan IDs’ button. The Scan ID is a six-digit alphanumerical code used to identify your foot scan
  • If you have troubles with using the Scan App, take a look at the FAQs or contact our customer support by email or phone

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