Your finest shoe

Starting from 550 Euro, you can begin your bespoke journey. Considering more than 30 different measurements per foot allows us to make shoes for you which fit like a second skin. And thanks to our perfect-fit guarantee, you are always on the safe side.

Our shoes are crafted in a family-owned factory in Portugal based on your personal shoe last. Using the finest hides from European tanneries only and the traditional Goodyear Welting process makes our shoes true companions for life.


The three steps towards your perfect bespoke shoes.

Step #1


3D scan your feet using our app. The only thing you need is a smartphone and a blank sheet of paper

Step #2


Decide on the style of your shoes. You can choose between different toe styles, pattern, leathers and sole options.

Step #3

Check out

Leave your scan ID during checkout. We will carve your personal last, make the shoe and send it to you.

Tradtional craftmanship meets technology

Goodyear Welted in Portugal

Our shoes are made in Portugal by a family-owned factory with a rich tradition in manufacturing the finest Goodyear welted shoes. Here, the shoe gets its strength, durability, and repair qualities by stitching the upper leather, lining leather, and welt. The manufacturing process is extremely time-consuming and requires highly skilled craftsmanship. Invented hundreds of years ago, it is still considered the best method of shoe construction today.

Besides using bespoke shoes last and the finest materials only, our shoes also stand out due to their meticulous construction details. This includes an ultrafine stitch density of 15 points per inch, full stacked leather heels, long sock lining, beveled waists, and fudging arround the welt.

Weinheimer Box Calf

We source our box calf leathers exclusively from the Weinheimer Tannery, which looks back on 150 years of tradition and history. Used by most bespoke shoemakers and leading dress shoe brands, the Weinheimer leather is well-known for its fine grain, durability, and the development of a beautiful patina.

While the magnificent quality of their leathers was an indispensable prerequisite, the fact that Weinheimer is the last independent and family-owned tannery, makes them stand out. This also reflects how Weinheimer is approaching sustainability. Apart from using calf skins from the alpine region only, they can trace the origin and ‘journey’ of every single hide.

JR Rendenbach Outsoles

We source our outsole leather exclusively from the legendary JR Rendenbach Tannery, based in Trier, Germany. The superior and unrivaled quality of the Rendenbach outsole leather is probably one of the rare things on which the majority of the dress shoe community agrees. Known for its extreme abrasion resistance and beautiful grain.

Unlike the vast majority of tanneries, Rendenbach still uses the traditional method of oak-bark tanning, for more than 140 years.  This time-consuming process, involving only biodegradable tanning agents such as bark, takes around one year to complete. Needless to say that JR only processes the highest quality of raw hides. Sourced from suppliers in Germany and Austria; characterized by a dense and firm fiber structure.

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